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>FDB Audio Manufacture Co., Ltd.

FDB Audio Manufacture Co., Ltd. is specialized in researching & developing, manufacturing, marketing and serving in pro audio products. FDB Audio adopts the world's top-aided software and advanced technology, owns advanced production equipments and testing instruments, establishes cooperation development mechanisms with a number of world top grade materials and accessories manufacturers. All important materials are imported from abroad.   
The main products are professional transducers, speaker systems and electronic products. FDB Audio has established and strictly enforced the standard quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. “Clear basis, perfect process, strict requirements and customer satisfaction” is our quality policy.


>R&D Center & Show Room

From raw material processing and assembling to produce finished products, the speaker systems we supplied , always has a novel appearance, strong liquidity, and convenient installation. We combine artistic beauty and 
high technology, design and produce creative and pioneering, world-class level of AV solutions.

>Speaker Components Assembling

Our skilled technicians can produce a series of high quality loudspeaker systems through the necessary handwork and careful quality inspection.

>Laboratory equipment

Advanced laboratories, testing systems and instruments ensure perfect quality. We not only attach importance to the quality of production, but also attach importance to the quality of engineering technology and the quality of each link.

>Cabinet processing

With the help of excellent computer aided design, as well as fine selected raw materials and own CNC machines, we can produce a complete series of high quality loudspeaker systems.

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